The Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival is granted a Special Event Permit from the Town of Coupeville. 

The Coupeville Festival Association (CFA) is a non-profit 501c4, all volunteer organization. 

Our Mission: to promote quality handcrafts and the arts, ensure cultural enrichment, beautify and preserve the unique historical qualities of the Coupeville community.


  • The Coupeville Festival was started in 1964 by Coupeville merchants and other interested citizens. The goal at that time was to showcase the Coupeville community, quality arts and crafts, and to bring visitors to the area.  Although the players change from time to time, that goal is still alive today.
  • There is convenient customer parking by the Library.
  • Friday night of festival weekend an Art Show and Wine Reception is held at the Recreation Hall. This is a ticketed event.  Tickets may be purchased online.
  • Approximately 180 Artisans are selected by a jury process to show and sell quality products.
  • There is free entertainment on Saturday and Sunday in the food court area by the Library.
  • The Food Court area by the Library has food vendors selected by application.
  • There are free Children’s activities near the Library.
  • Proceeds from each festival are invested in the Coupeville community in the form of project grants and scholarships.
  • Online Project Grant applications are submitted for review in October . The 2015 proceeds were invested with many great Coupeville organizations.
  • Online Scholarship applications are submitted for review in April.
  • The CFA is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization.
    • Volunteers are the most valued asset within the CFA
    • Become a member of the CFA for $1
    • Share your talents, apply online
  • The CFA forms partnerships with other community groups (Boys and Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce, Art School) to increase community involvement and enhance festival activities.
  • CFA advertising begins early in each year. The purpose of all festival advertising is to promote the date for the upcoming festival.  A change that was made a few years ago to emphasize the words “Coupeville Festival” (over “arts and crafts”) has served to advertise the town of Coupeville equally with the festival. Approximately 600 posters, 10,000 rack cards (on two ferries/waiting rooms for six months), ferry monitor static ads, $2400 worth of print advertising and 16 large banners up and down the Whidbey Island corridor saturate the Island and immediate environs with the upcoming COUPEVILLE Festival information.  The rack cards have at times carried a brief listing of local amenities such as shopping and restaurants that can be sampled while at the festival.  Approximately 5000 copies of a 20 page Festival Program booklet are distributed to businesses, island wide, to each car using the CFA parking area and to festival goers at the Information Booth.  The program carries local business advertising, a map listing vendor locations as well as all businesses on Front, Coveland and Alexander streets.  The information is both festival and Coupeville related.  In 2016 the Festival Program back cover will promote CFA sponsors and partnering organizations.


How can I maximize business with tents up and down the street?

  • On the published CFA Festival map there are 30+ spaces marked with a small box around the space number. These spaces are not usable as a paid vendor space as they indicate a town building access or amenity space. The intent is that the open space will promote visibility and/or access to the town merchant or amenity.

What if a customer needs help getting merchandise to their car?

  • Festival volunteers will gladly help your patrons to their cars with their merchandise. Please call 360-678-5116 during festival hours. A festival volunteer will contact our Operations staff to help you.

What if I’m having trouble with a vendor in front of my store?

  • It’s important that the CFA is notified of any problems that occur.
  • We encourage respectful self-policing but will gladly resolve any issues that arise.
  • By Coupeville Town Ordinance, merchants and/or vendors are not allowed to encroach on sidewalks or beyond their 10′ x 10′ allocated booth space.
  • The CFA office at 901 Grace Street (under the Oystercatcher) is manned during festival weekend. Phone number is 360-678-5116.

With 15-20,000 people in town for 2 days, how do I know my store will be safe?

  • 24 hour patrols start 5 pm Friday and end 7 pm Sunday. This service is paid for and provided by the CFA.


  • There is a “Merchant Only” parking area in the lot adjacent to Coupeville Town Hall.
  • Free CFA parking passes are provided for merchants and their employees who are scheduled to work on festival weekend. Please do not share parking passes or request more passes than necessary. Merchants will be advised about where to pick up parking passes. Merchant handicapped parking requests should be submitted to one month in advance.
  • Coveland from Main to The Platt Law office, Alexander from 8th to Front Street, and Grace from 8th to Front Street will be closed at 4 pm Friday to 8 pm Sunday.
  • Front Street from Alexander to Center and Main Street From 9th to Front Street closes at 2 am Saturday to 8 pm Sunday.
  • “No Parking” signage is posted on Thursday to give ample notice.
  • All cars parked in the Festival area after these times are subject to towing.
  • Special note to restaurateurs – please keep festival parking in mind when taking reservations for the Festival weekend.
    • Patrons arriving before festival closing 6 pm on Saturday or 5 pm Sun, will pay a $5.00 parking fee in the designated festival parking lot by the Library.
    • Parking fees benefit the Coupeville Boys and Girls Club through a partnership with the CFA.
    • There is no parking fee on Friday night during the art gallery opening and wine reception.

Parking Lot Closure Plan

  • 8:30 pm Thursday to 8:00 pm Sunday
    • Municipal parking lot
    • Rec Hall parking lot
    • The grass parking lot behind City Hall (to be used as Merchant parking only)

Street Closure Plan

  • 4:00 pm Friday to 8:00 pm Sunday
    • Coveland from main to barricade at entrance to Platt parking lot.
    • Alexander from 8th to Front St.
    • Grace from 8th to Front St.
  • 2:00 am Saturday  to 8:00 pm Sunday
    • Main from 9th to Front St.
    • Front St. from Alexander to Center

Thank you for helping to make this a great fund-raising event for the Greater Coupeville Community!